Steering Committee and Speakers


Prof. Dr. Daryono Hadi TJAHJONO

President Elect, Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy (AASP) 

Former Dean, School of Pharmacy, Bandung Institute of Technology, Bandung, INDONESIA

Daryono Hadi Tjahjono, a Professor of Medicinal Chemistry at the Bandung Institute of Technology, has made significant contributions to the field of medicinal chemistry. He obtained his bachelor's degree in pharmacy from the same institute in 1990 and later pursued his master's and Ph.D. degrees in medicinal chemistry at Keio University, Japan. His research focuses on the design and synthesis of porphyrin and chlorophyll derivatives for photodynamic therapy and radiopharmaceuticals, as well as drug discovery using molecule databases. With over 55 published papers and four patents, he's a member of several prestigious societies, including the American Chemical Society, and serves as a country representative for the Society of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines. He has held leadership positions, including President of the Asian Association of School of Pharmacy.



Assoc. Prof. Surakit NATHISUWAN

President of The Pharmacy Education Consortium of Thailand (PECT) 

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahidol University, Bangkok, THAILAND

Surakit Nathisuwan, a highly esteemed academic and administrative leader in pharmacy, currently serves as the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Mahidol University. He has been an Associate Professor since 2015, with a history of academic appointments dating back to 1998. Nathisuwan's professional journey includes significant roles such as the Representative Dean from the Council of the Deans and the Vice President for International Relations at Mahidol University. He holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Florida and completed a specialized residency in pharmacotherapy at the University of Texas Health Science Center. His research, primarily focusing on cardiovascular pharmacotherapy and public health, has led to numerous publications in prestigious journals. He has also been actively involved in various national and international committees, reflecting his commitment to advancing pharmacy education and practice.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Thanapat SONGSAK

Dean of College of Pharmacy, Rangsit University, THAILAND

Assistant Professor Dr. Thanapat Songsak, currently the Dean of the College of Pharmacy at Rangsit University, has a distinguished career in pharmacognosy. He earned his B.Sc. in Pharmacy from Rangsit University, M.Sc. in Pharmacognosy from Chulalongkorn University, and Ph.D. in Pharmacognosy from The University of Manchester, U.K. His academic journey includes roles as Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Acting Dean at the College of Pharmacy, Rangsit University. His research interests encompass Thai medicinal plants, plant cell culture secondary metabolites, phytochemistry, natural cosmetics, and medicinal cannabis development. Dr. Songsak's extensive publication record in these fields underlines his significant contributions to pharmaceutical sciences.



Prof. Dr. Sumon SAKOLCHAI

Chairman of the University Council, Burapha University, THAILAND

Professor Dr. Sumont Sakolchai is a distinguished academic with degrees in Pharmacy, Law, Science (Pharmacology), and a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry. Formerly the President of Khon Kaen and Isan Universities, he has served on the National Legislative Council and is currently the President of the University Council. Honored with royal decorations, including the Knight Grand Cordon (Special Class) of the Most Exalted Order of the White Elephant and the Knight Grand Cordon (Special Class) of the Most Noble Order of the Crown of Thailand, he embodies a blend of academic excellence and leadership.



Prof. Dr. Moses S S CHOW

Professor, College of Pharmacy, Western University of Health Sciences, USA

Chow currently serves as a Professor of Pharmacy at the Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA, and also serves as President of Strategic Drug Solutions, Inc., a start-up company concentrating on nasal spray formulation development. After earning his Pharm.D. from UCSF and completing post-graduate training at the VA Hospital in Palo Alto, he taught at the University of Connecticut and directed Hartford Hospital's Drug Information Service. His tenure also includes Directorship at the Chinese University of Hong Kong's School of Pharmacy. His 50-year research focuses on cardiovascular pharmacokinetics, prostate cancer treatments, and intranasal/sublingual drug delivery, resulting in over 300 publications. Professionally, he's the inaugural President of the Asian Association of Schools of Pharmacy and has held roles as a Board member and Secretary of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology and as a consultant to NIH and USP.



Dr. Chaiyong KOAYKUL

Deputy Director, Excellence Center for Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (EC-ATMPs),

King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, THAILAND 

Dr. Chaiyong Koaykul, a Lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, and Deputy Director of the Excellence Center of Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (EC-ATMPs), King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital, Thai Red Cross Society, is a distinguished academic and researcher. He completed his Ph.D. in Engineering (Advanced Science and Biotechnology) at Osaka University, Japan, and has extensive experience in cell and gene therapy, particularly in mesenchymal stem cells, exosomes, and extracellular vesicles. His professional journey includes significant roles in international societies related to cell and gene therapy and a strong publication record in stem cell research and biotechnology. Additionally, he has been an invited lecturer at various institutions, including Osaka University, Japan, highlighting his expertise in biomedical engineering and regenerative medicine.



Asst. Prof. Areerut LEELATHANALERK, PharmD, BCPS

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies, Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University, THAILAND

Areerut Leelathanalerk, currently an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mahasarakham University, Thailand, has an impressive academic and professional background in pharmacy. She completed her Doctor of Pharmacy with honors at Mahasarakham University and the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Her experience includes post-graduate residencies in internal medicine and pharmacy at Banner University Medical Center, Tucson, Arizona. Leelathanalerk has been a part-time pharmacist at University Community Pharmacy, Thailand, since 2017 and has numerous publications in international journals, showcasing her expertise in pharmacy services, economic evaluation, and pharmaceutical care for non-communicable diseases. Her work emphasizes the economic and educational aspects of pharmacy practice.



Prof. Dr. Vishal Kumar GUPTA

Dean (Academics), JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru, INDIA

Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru, INDIA

Dr. Vishal Kumar Gupta, serving as the Dean (Academics) at JSS Academy of Higher Education & Research, Mysuru, India, and Professor at the Department of Pharmaceutics, JSS College of Pharmacy, Mysuru, India, is a dedicated professional with over 18 years of experience in academic administration and research. He has a profound expertise in pharmaceutical sciences, life sciences, and healthcare programs, complemented by strong skills in management, communication, leadership, team building, technological enablement, and global exposure. Dr. Gupta's educational background includes a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bangalore. His career trajectory includes pivotal roles such as Deputy Director (Academics) and Assistant Professor at JSS Academy, with a focus on enhancing educational quality and research excellence.



Prof. Dr. Li-Jiuan (Rita) SHEN

Associate Dean for International Affairs, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, and Professor

Former Dean, Professor, School of Pharmacy, National Taiwan University, TAIWAN

Li-Jiuan (Rita) Shen, Ph.D., is a distinguished academic and administrative figure in the field of pharmacy, serving as an Associate Dean for International Affairs and Professor at National Taiwan University's College of Medicine. She earned her Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Pharmaceutics from the University of Southern California and has extensive experience in academia, including roles as Dean and Director at the School of Pharmacy and Department of Pharmacy at National Taiwan University Hospital. Dr. Shen's research interests include pharmaceutical sciences and health-system pharmacy, and she has been involved in various professional societies and has received numerous awards for her contributions to pharmacy education and research.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainol Akbar ZAINAL

Associate Professor, Faculty of Pharmacy, 

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), MALAYSIA

Dr. Zainol Akbar Bin Zainal, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), is an accomplished educator and researcher in clinical pharmacy. He holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Pharmacy from Universiti Sains Malaysia and a Master's degree in the same field from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. His academic career includes significant roles such as Director of Student Experience & Global Engagement and Deputy Dean of Academic Affairs. Dr. Zainal has contributed extensively to the field through his research and has been involved in numerous administrative positions, reflecting his deep commitment to advancing pharmacy education and practice.



Prof. Dr. Tohru HASHIDA

Director, Center for Clinical Research and Innovation,  Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital

Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, Kobe Gakuin University, JAPAN

Tohru Hashida, Ph.D., is a prominent figure in clinical pharmacy and pharmaceutical sciences, currently serving as the Assistant Hospital Director and Director of the Center for Clinical Research and Innovation at Kobe City Medical Center General Hospital, as well as a Professor at Kobe Gakuin University. He holds a Ph.D. in Medicine from Kyoto University and a Pharm.D. from Meijo University. Dr. Hashida's career encompasses roles as Director of the Pharmacy Department and Vice Director of the Pharmacy Department at Kyoto University Hospital. He is also a member of various pharmaceutical societies and has been recognized with the Academic Contribution Award by the Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences for his work in pharmaceutical interventions. His current focus includes advancing pharmaceutical practices, education, and clinical research.




Associate Dean for Research Affairs, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND

Prof. Pithi Chanvorachote is a leading academic in the field of Pharmacology and Physiology at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. He holds a Ph.D. from the same university and has risen through the ranks from Assistant to Full Professor, contributing significantly to research and education. Notably, he serves as the Associate Dean for Research Affairs and heads the Cell-based Drug and Health Product Development Research Unit. His work is recognized globally, with numerous publications, a high H-index, and involvement in prestigious fellowships, including the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.



Mr. Jay Chong JIN JIAN

Pharmacist, ePharmacy, Pan-Malayan Pharmaceuticals Pte Ltd, WellAway E-Pharmacy, SINGAPORE

Jay Chong Jin Jian is a pioneering pharmacist in Singapore, leading the digital transformation in pharmacy and telehealth. As the Head Pharmacist at WellAway ePharmacy since 2022, he has developed tele-pharmacy systems, launched the first virtual pharmacy app in the country, and established significant telehealth collaborations. Previously, he served as a Hospital Pharmacist at Singapore General Hospital, where he introduced tele-pharmacy services and digital tools for medication delivery. Jay also actively contributes to the Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore, promoting innovation among young pharmacists. He holds a B.Sc. in Pharmacy with the highest distinction from the National University of Singapore.



Asst. Prof. Dr. Rungpetch SAKULBUMRUNGSIL

Former Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. 

Academic Sub-committee, Pharmacy Administration, The Pharmacy Council of Thailand, THAILAND

Assistant Professor Dr. Rungpetch Sakulbumrungsil, a pharmacist with specialization in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, has made significant contributions in her field. She is a former Dean of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Chulalongkorn University and a former director of the College of Pharmacy Administration of Thailand. Currently, she serves as the President of the FAPA College of Pharmacy and is an advisory committee member of the College of Pharmacy Administration of Thailand and the Community Pharmacy Association (Thailand). Her research focuses on developing models for pharmacy benefit packages and pharmaceutical fee schedules to support Universal Health Coverage in Thailand, as well as on pharmaceutical industry development, regulatory science curriculum development, and impact assessment on health system and policy decision.



Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suthira TAYCHAKHOONAVUDH

Head of Department and Assistant Professor, Social and Administrative Pharmacy Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Baiya Phytopharm Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, THAILAND

Suthira Taychakhoonavudh, Ph.D., is a highly accomplished professional currently serving as the CEO & Co-founder of Baiya Phytopharm Co. LTD, Chairperson at BGF Plantrix Co. LTD, and the Department Head at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University. With a Ph.D. in Health Economics from the University of Texas Health Science Center, she has also been an Associate Professor at Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University, and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Texas Medical Science Center. Her notable achievements include being named CEO of the year and Woman of the year by Bangkok Post in 2021. Her research interests span a range of topics, including health economics, public health, and pharmaceutical sciences, with numerous publications in respected journals.